Mobile Botting!

Take your bots with you wherever you go! Using your smart phone, you an install a program which will allow you to remotely control your computer, and therefore, remotely control your bots. Using this technology, you can monitor bots that are running on your PC or Mac, and you can also take control of the computer -- all from a cell phone or tablet PC! Wondering how this might help?

  • Ability to set breaks from your phone or tablet PC
  • Adds another layer of anti-ban protection for your accounts
  • Allows you to check in after the bot gets temporarily stuck in a random
  • Ability to keep track of xp/hr and gp/hr from training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Chat with players in-game from the other side of the planet during clas... uhhh, dinner!
For your convenience, a guide has been created to help you during installation of the TeamViewer program on your phone or tablet PC, as well as providing information on how to sync the phone with your specific computer. Take advantage of your own technological resources to bot more safe and efficiently.

-- Big thanks to D4k074b & TheTodd for the idea!